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Camping Salerno: with family or friends choose you!!!

Holiday Salerno: in Camping, in Village or in Camper... You choose !!!
When the summer season is approaching, preparations are underway to go on holiday: camping, tourist village, campers, the choice is wide and each according to his abilities and your taste decide what the ideal destination. Beaches with fine sand, clear water and green areas are the constant that you look at the perfect vacation, the rest depends greatly on how you are used to organize.

Salerno in camping for those who love adventure and has a good ability to adapt: a place surrounded by nature where you can breathe pure air and you live day to day. How many of you at least once in life they slept in a tent? The experience is certainly unique and allows you to enjoy a trip by originality to exit out of the patterns of everyday life. You can also choose to take advantage of the bungalows but it is certainly not the same thing!

Salerno in Camper: a definitely more comfortable solution for those who do not like to sleep on a mat on the floor! No matter if the camper is owned or rented, the essential thing is as full of fun and relaxation, fully enjoying every single moment of well-deserved rest.

Salerno in the Tourist Village: a type of holiday of total relaxation! After a year of work you should just clear your mind of all thoughts and worry and rely completely on the staff that will take care of everything from cleaning the room with meals.

Book in advance to Salerno always pays! Who knows what will be the holiday period has to do their reservation a few weeks or even months before to make better prices and discounts, as well as the best rooms. Although the village life is quite hectic and the animation makes it fun every moment of the day with games, dances and other activities, you can also decide to take a ride in the area to explore new places and discover the most interesting places.

Your Summer in the Salerno: you just have to start traveling with the mind in the preferred location, and select the type of right vacation for their family needs, pack your bags and enjoy a stay in absolute tranquility, in campers, camping or in a comfortable room of the resort.

List of Campings and Villages Salerno

Camping Villaggio dei Pini
  84063 Paestum (Salerno)
The Camping Villaggio dei Pini is situated in Paestum, surrounded by a fresh and thriving pinewood in direct contact with the sea.
Resort Villaggio Baia del Silenzio
  84040 Caprioli (Salerno)
The Resort Baia del Silenzio, is a small gem among the Villages in Palinuro, set in the Cilento National Park, camouflaged amid lush vegetation - overlooking the sea.

Everywhere you can enjoy the colours and the smells of nature, in every facet. While walking along the paths of the Resort or when you turn your eyes gazing towards the sea of warm, bright and transparent waters. Do not be surprised: you are in one of the most beautiful corners of Cilento, authentic World Heritage Site.

We have everything you desire for your family vacation in Palinuro: from relaxing in the swimming pool, with panoramic views, to Wellness proposed from Holistic Team, from sports to the fun entertainment shows.

Village Baia del Silenzio is a true community where everyone becomes easily your friend and you can share the atmosphere of joy and happiness that permeates all areas of the Village.
Villaggio Camping Nessuno
  84059 Camerota Marina (Salerno)
An oasis of tranquility framed between a picturesque mountain and a golden beach. The village covers an area of ​​45,000 square meters, between pine forest and orchard, where nature and comfort find the right balance.
Camping Desiderio
  84047 Paestum (Salerno)
The Desiderio Camping site is located on the beautiful coast of Paestum, a city known all over the world for its archeological area that is designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Paestum is close to the Cilento National Park. A land full of historical and natural beauty and famous for its traditional food. It is the homeland of the “Mediterranean Diet”.
Villaggio La Siesta
  84059 Camerota Marina (Salerno)
The Villaggio Camping La Siesta covers a surface of 14000 square metres, not far from the coast of the Cilento, where climate is extraordinarily healthy. The Club, terraced and sloping down to the sea, is shaded by green secular olive-trees and enjoys a wonderful fine wiew.
Camping Mingardo
  84059 Camerota Marina (Salerno)
Why keep pondering the eternal question of whether to go on a green holiday, or whether to go on a blue one, when you can experience both at the same time? Have you ever been to the Cilento region? Mingardo Camping might just be the best way to come into direct contact with this paradise of sea and nature.
Villaggio Camping Le Ninfe del Mare
  84059 Camerota Marina (Salerno)
Ninfe del Mare- Village Camping is located in the village in the municipality of Mingardo Camerota in the province of Salerno.
Villaggio Residence Vigna del Mare
  84051 Palinuro (Salerno)
The vacation hotel is about 400 meters from central Palinuro and 100 meters from the Saline beach below.
Elayon Club Residence
  84079 Vibonati (Salerno)
Our company has been working in tourism for over 30 years. It was 1978 when our family decided to put together commercial sector and tourism, creating from nothing - through the Company "CAMPEGGIO LE CASETTE LTD."- what is now our holyday village.
Green Village Vacanze
  84059 Camerota Marina (Salerno)
  Costa del Mito Villaggio Camping
  84066 Palinuro (Salerno)
  Torre Saracena Residence
  84059 Camerota Marina (Salerno)
  Le Palme
  84058 Ascea (Salerno)
  Arco Naturale Villaggio Club
  84051 Palinuro (Salerno)
  Villaggio Villamarina
  84059 Camerota Marina (Salerno)
  Camping Lido di Salerno
  84098 Pontecagnano Faiano (Salerno)
  Villaggio Camping Odissea
  84059 Camerota Marina (Salerno)
  84058 Ascea (Salerno)
  84091 Battipaglia (Salerno)
  Villaggio Saturno
  84059 Camerota Marina (Salerno)
  Intercamping Apollo
  84047 Paestum (Salerno)
  La Perla
  84059 Camerota Marina (Salerno)
  Lido Paradiso
  84066 Pisciotta (Salerno)
  84079 Villammare (Salerno)
  La Riva
  84063 Paestum (Salerno)
  84040 (Salerno)
  Residence Le Palme
  84066 Palinuro (Salerno)
  84040 (Salerno)
  Camping Saline
  84051 Palinuro (Salerno)
  Da Pepe Villaggio Alberghiero
  84059 Camerota Marina (Salerno)
  Sporting Soleado
  84060 Castellabate (Salerno)
  Tre G
  84040 (Salerno)
  Black Marlin Club
  84059 Camerota Marina (Salerno)
  Villaggio Delle Sirene
  84059 Camerota Marina (Salerno)
  Eden 2000
  84059 Camerota Marina (Salerno)
  Cala di Luna
  84059 Camerota Marina (Salerno)
  Bungalow Residence - Parco Pisacane
  84073 Sapri (Salerno)
  Happy Village
  84040 Camerota Marina (Salerno)
  La Giara
  84063 Paestum (Salerno)
  84079 Villammare (Salerno)
  84098 (Salerno)
  Blue Marine
  84059 Camerota Marina (Salerno)
  Lido Mediterraneo
  84091 Battipaglia (Salerno)
  Paestum International
  84025 Eboli (Salerno)
  84059 Camerota Marina (Salerno)
  84058 (Salerno)
  84059 Camerota Marina (Salerno)
  La Lanterna
  84070 (Salerno)
  84047 Paestum (Salerno)
  84063 Paestum (Salerno)
  84059 Camerota Marina (Salerno)
  84063 Paestum (Salerno)
  La Francesca
  84070 (Salerno)
  Marbella Club
  84051 Palinuro (Salerno)
  84072 (Salerno)
  La Primula
  84040 (Salerno)
  84059 Camerota Marina (Salerno)
  Europa Unita
  84079 Villammare (Salerno)
  Porticello Camping Villaggio
  84040 Camerota Marina (Salerno)
  Fior d'Arancio
  84098 (Salerno)
  84059 Camerota Marina (Salerno)

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